Mystery Shopping for Home Builders

Evaluate your sales team through mystery or secret shopping

We take the mystery out of why prospects aren't becoming buyers. When mystery shoppers go on assignment to your model home, they analyze everything from your customers’ point of view, from the home condition to greeting, service, knowledge and parting comments.

Overview of Live Mystery Shopping for New Home sales

Comprehensive analysis from the customer’s perspective

Our mystery shoppers provide a comprehensive analysis of the entire buying experience from the customer’s perspective. They evaluate everything from the moment they step into your model home to the final parting comments. This detailed analysis helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your sales process, providing you with the information needed to make meaningful improvements.

Evaluating home conditions and presentation

One of the key components of our Live Mystery Shopping service is evaluating the condition and presentation of your model homes. Our shoppers assess the cleanliness, staging, and overall appeal of the home, ensuring that it meets the high standards expected by potential buyers. By identifying any issues with the home’s presentation, you can make necessary adjustments to enhance its attractiveness and appeal.

Assessing the quality of greetings and initial impressions

First impressions matter, especially in real estate. Our mystery shoppers pay close attention to how they are greeted and the initial impressions they receive upon entering your model home. They evaluate the friendliness, professionalism, and attentiveness of your sales team, providing feedback on how these interactions can be improved to make potential buyers feel more welcome and valued.

Service quality and knowledge evaluation

The knowledge and service quality of your sales team are crucial factors in converting prospects into buyers. Our mystery shoppers assess the depth of knowledge your team displays about the property, community, and surrounding area. They also evaluate the quality of service provided, including how well your team listens to and addresses customer needs and concerns. This feedback helps you identify training opportunities to enhance your team’s performance.

Analyzing parting comments and follow-up

The final interaction between your sales team and potential buyers can leave a lasting impression. Our mystery shoppers analyze the parting comments and follow-up procedures to ensure they are effective and leave a positive impression. By understanding how these final interactions impact customer perceptions, you can refine your approach to encourage more prospects to take the next step towards buying.

Utilizing value proposition checklists

Our Live Mystery Shopping service includes the use of value proposition checklists to ensure that your sales team is effectively communicating the unique benefits and features of your properties. These checklists help our mystery shoppers evaluate whether your team is highlighting the key selling points that set your homes apart from the competition. By ensuring that your value proposition is clearly communicated, you can better attract and retain potential buyers.

Continuous improvement through actionable insights

The insights gained from our Live Mystery Shopping service provide you with actionable recommendations to improve your sales process. By understanding the customer experience in detail, you can make targeted improvements to your model home presentations, sales techniques, and overall customer service. This continuous process of evaluation and refinement helps you stay ahead of the competition and increase your conversion rates.

Elevate your new home sales performance

Investing in Live Mystery Shopping is a strategic move to elevate your new home sales performance. By taking a detailed look at the customer experience through the eyes of mystery shoppers, you can identify and address the factors that may be preventing prospects from becoming buyers. With our comprehensive evaluations and actionable insights, you can ensure your sales team delivers exceptional service and achieves better sales results.

What are the benefits of Live Mystery Shopping?


Improve Sales Techniques with Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping service helps identify gaps in your sales techniques by providing a true sales approach perspective. By understanding how your agents interact with prospects, we can offer targeted training that refines their approach, resulting in higher conversion rates.


Enhance Customer Experience with Hidden Shoppers

Hidden shoppers evaluate every aspect of the customer experience, from the initial greeting to the final farewell. This comprehensive analysis allows us to pinpoint areas where your team can improve their service, ensuring every customer has a positive and memorable experience.


Boost Agent Confidence through Real Feedback

Our mystery shoppers provide detailed feedback that highlights both strengths and areas for improvement. This constructive criticism helps your agents feel more confident and prepared, ultimately leading to a more effective and persuasive sales force.


Data-Driven Insights for Continuous Improvement

Using a data-driven approach, our mystery shopping service offers consistent metrics and benchmarks for each encounter. These insights enable you to track progress over time and make informed decisions about training and development, ensuring your team continues to excel in selling homes.

Outline of the Mystery Shopping Process

I. Preparation Phase

  • Define Objectives
    • Engage in Discovery Zoom Calls: Collaborate with clients and New Home Sales Connection to pinpoint the specific goals of the audit shopping for homes program.
    • Identify Key Metrics: Focus on assessing sales skills, customer service, and adherence to protocols to optimize the efficacy of the mystery shopping initiative.
  • Design the Evaluation Criteria
    • Custom Scorecards: Develop detailed, customizable scorecards tailored to each client’s needs, provided by leading mystery shopping companies.
    • Targeted Information Gathering: Discuss and outline specific insights the client aims to uncover through evaluations conducted by secret shopper companies.

II. Execution Phase

  • Assign Mystery Shopping Visits
    • Shopper Allocation: Allocate visits to trained mystery shoppers based on location and availability, ensuring a thorough and diverse evaluation of sales practices.
    • Briefing: Equip shoppers with all necessary information including locations, timing, and specific scenarios to ensure preparedness and authenticity in their roles.
    • Scheduling: Communicate the specific dates when shops organized by the mystery shopping company will take place, keeping all stakeholders informed.
  • Conduct Visits
    • Site Visits: Mystery shoppers visit new home sales sites posing as potential buyers to gauge the sales environment and staff interaction.
    • Interaction and Observation: Engage with sales agents according to predefined scenarios, adhering strictly to the designed evaluation criteria.
    • Recording: Utilize hidden cameras to record interactions, ensuring all details are captured for accurate assessment.
    • Note-Taking: Compile detailed notes immediately post-visit to capture impressions and details while they are fresh, enhancing the reliability of feedback.

III. Reporting Phase

  • Complete Evaluation Forms
    • Video Upload and Editing: Shoppers upload their video files for editing by New Home Sales Connection staff to create a cohesive and comprehensive visual report.
    • Feedback Provision: Deliver detailed, objective, and unbiased feedback based on the mystery shopping experience.
  • Scoring
    • Detailed Assessment: A third-party member reviews the video recording and completes the scorecard, adding a detailed comment section to provide in-depth analysis.
  • Generate Reports
    • Comprehensive Reporting: Produce detailed reports summarizing the findings from the shops, highlighting key metrics, notable observations, and actionable insights that can drive sales improvements.

IV. Delivery

  • Secure Links
    • Access to Results: Provide clients with a secure link containing all deliverables from each mystery shop, ensuring data security and easy access.
    • Organized Folders: Set up separate folders for each sales professional within the platform, including their individual video recordings and detailed scorecards.
    • Summary and Analysis: Include comprehensive overviews and data recaps within each folder, making it easy to access and understand the overall performance.

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We recently used New Home Sales Connection for video shops for our sales teams at Goodall Homes.
Todd Reynolds
VP of Sales and Marketing

The process and communication along the way was outstanding!  Setting up the shops, which is usually the hard part, was organized, efficient and set us up for a good experience.   The communication with Lauren and her team along the way was great and a couple of last-minute adjustments were made with ease.  The quality of the shopper and the videos was also excellent…no one on our team knew they were being shopped!  That has not been the case in the past.  I would highly recommend New Home Sales Connection!

Their exceptional service and valuable insights have transformed the way we approach sales and customer experience.
Mystery Shop Client

The feedback we received from New Home Sales Connection was thorough and actionable, allowing us to implement immediate changes to our processes. Their secret shoppers maintained the highest level of professionalism and adhered to ethical standards throughout the evaluation. The detailed reports we received were insightful, objective, and provided us with a clear roadmap for improvement. We greatly appreciate their honesty and constructive criticism, which has played a vital role in our growth.

I highly recommend you engage New Home Sales Connection to handle your next mystery shops!
Dana Keller
VP of Sales and Marketing, Koelbel Homes

I’ve worked with multiple mystery shop firms over my past 25 years in sales team management; New Home Sales Connection is by far the best and truly a pleasure to work with! From ease of coordinating schedules, to the quality of the video and shop summaries to finally (and most importantly) the highly credible and well-trained shoppers – our experience with the entire NHSC process and team was head and shoulders above all other mystery shop providers I’ve experienced. And, their pricing was very reasonable – even for providing shoppers that had to travel quite a distance to our mountain communities.

We've enhanced our new home sales process, ensuring we provide exceptional service to our customers.
Daniel Fischer
National Vice President Sales Training, Arbor Homes

New Home Sales Connection has been instrumental in helping Arbor Homes refine their sales presentations through insightful mystery shops. Their detailed feedback and thorough evaluations have been invaluable.

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