It's no mystery. All agents could use more training


We take the mystery out of why prospects aren't becoming buyers

When mystery shoppers go on assignment to your model home, they analyze everything from your customers’ point of view, from the home condition to greeting, service, knowledge and parting comments.


Actionable Insights

Rather than just providing "gotcha" scorecards, we approach each encounter with an eye towards training, improvement and success


Home-sales focused

We only focus on new homes sales which means we understand the DNA of the home buying process.


Custom Approach

Your homes are unique. So should the way your sales team sells them. We work with you to identify the key value propositions and sales milestones.


Data support

In order to better provide benchmarks, we provide consistent metrics for each mystery shopping encounter.


Built on a legacy of sales training, we're experts in our field

New Homes Sales Connection is a subsidiary of Cannonball Moments. The Cannonball mission is to positively contribute to the wellbeing of all individuals by helping them reach their potential so they can invite and welcome an abundance of love, health, success, and joy into their lives.


The values that drive good business


We believe in a growth mindset that invites continuous improvement by viewing situations with a positive perspective.


We believe in maintaining a state of high-energy and upholding an intention to contribute to the wellbeing of others.


We embrace an attitude of contribution and worthiness to create balance, abundance, and satisfaction in all aspects of life.


We maintain our gratitude in all we do by keeping a grateful state of mind and creating alignment within all of our intentions.


When we accept our unique selves, we believe our platform matters. We strive to become our own best version and encourage others to do the same.


We work with clients to create solutions that stand the test of time.

"New Home Sales Connection helped us uncover some holes our sales process and we patched them quickly and easily!"

Manual Builders

"Developing a consistent and repeatable sales approach that was on par with our build quality was something we set out to do."

Tim O’Brien Homes

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