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One on One sales training that elevates your sales performance

An effective new home sales training system can make or break the success of a sales workforce or brokerage. In fact, the success rate for new home sales agents is staggeringly low, and statistics published by the National Association of REALTORS® tell the story: 33% of newly licensed agents quit real estate after their first year, 87% of agents leave the business within their first 5 years, and 89% of all transactions are handled by only 11% of agents in the United States.

Overview of 1:1 Sales Coaching for New Home sales

One-on-one sales coaching: A personalized approach

One-on-one sales coaching makes a big difference. It offers personalized, hands-on training that can greatly impact the success of new agents. Unlike group training sessions, one-on-one coaching gives tailored guidance, helping new agents overcome specific challenges and build a strong foundation for their careers. This type of coaching is essential for closing knowledge gaps, giving practical sales tips, and training on best practices to ensure your team has the skills they need to succeed.

Customized training programs to meet unique needs

One of the best things about one-on-one coaching is its ability to meet the unique needs of each salesperson. Coaches can identify specific areas for improvement—whether it's negotiation, client communication, or time management—and provide targeted strategies to improve. This personalized approach ensures that each agent’s learning experience is maximized, allowing them to grow their strengths and address their weaknesses directly.

Creating a supportive and motivating environment

One-on-one coaching also creates a supportive environment, which is crucial for new agents who often feel overwhelmed and uncertain. Having a dedicated coach offers a reliable source of encouragement and accountability, helping agents stay motivated and focused on their goals. This personal support is key to reducing the high dropout rates in the industry.

Building long-term relationships for continuous growth

The relationships built through one-on-one coaching are another significant advantage. These relationships are based on trust and mutual respect, providing a strong foundation for ongoing learning and growth. As agents advance in their careers, they can continue to rely on their coaches for advanced training and mentorship, ensuring they stay ahead of industry trends and best practices.

Essential for building a resilient sales team

One-on-one sales coaching is a crucial part of effective new home sales training. By providing customized, targeted, and supportive guidance, it greatly improves the success and longevity of new home sales agents. Investing in one-on-one coaching isn’t just helpful—it’s essential for building a strong, high-performing team that can thrive in the competitive world of new home sales. We'll help close knowledge gaps, offer sales tips, and train on best practices to ensure your team has the skills they need to succeed.

What are the benefits of 1:1 Sales Coaching?


Identify Skill Gaps with Targeted Training

We'll help narrow knowledge gaps, generate sales tips, and train on best practices to ensure your team is equipped with the skills they need to succeed.


Gain Actionable Insights through Coaching

Rather than just providing "gotcha" scorecards, we approach each encounter with an eye towards training, improvement, and success. Our coaching strategies focus on delivering practical insights that can be immediately applied.


Reinforce Learning with Ongoing Advising

To avoid reverting back to old habits, we help you establish a reinforcement program. Continuous advising ensures that the training sticks and your team continues to grow and improve.


Create Value with Customer-Centric Advising

A buyer-focused sales process allows your agents to identify wants and needs and present undeniable value to your prospects and customers. Our advising techniques help your team create meaningful connections and close more deals.

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We recently used New Home Sales Connection for video shops for our sales teams at Goodall Homes.
Todd Reynolds
VP of Sales and Marketing

The process and communication along the way was outstanding!  Setting up the shops, which is usually the hard part, was organized, efficient and set us up for a good experience.   The communication with Lauren and her team along the way was great and a couple of last-minute adjustments were made with ease.  The quality of the shopper and the videos was also excellent…no one on our team knew they were being shopped!  That has not been the case in the past.  I would highly recommend New Home Sales Connection!

Their exceptional service and valuable insights have transformed the way we approach sales and customer experience.
Mystery Shop Client

The feedback we received from New Home Sales Connection was thorough and actionable, allowing us to implement immediate changes to our processes. Their secret shoppers maintained the highest level of professionalism and adhered to ethical standards throughout the evaluation. The detailed reports we received were insightful, objective, and provided us with a clear roadmap for improvement. We greatly appreciate their honesty and constructive criticism, which has played a vital role in our growth.

I highly recommend you engage New Home Sales Connection to handle your next mystery shops!
Dana Keller
VP of Sales and Marketing, Koelbel Homes

I’ve worked with multiple mystery shop firms over my past 25 years in sales team management; New Home Sales Connection is by far the best and truly a pleasure to work with! From ease of coordinating schedules, to the quality of the video and shop summaries to finally (and most importantly) the highly credible and well-trained shoppers – our experience with the entire NHSC process and team was head and shoulders above all other mystery shop providers I’ve experienced. And, their pricing was very reasonable – even for providing shoppers that had to travel quite a distance to our mountain communities.

We've enhanced our new home sales process, ensuring we provide exceptional service to our customers.
Daniel Fischer
National Vice President Sales Training, Arbor Homes

New Home Sales Connection has been instrumental in helping Arbor Homes refine their sales presentations through insightful mystery shops. Their detailed feedback and thorough evaluations have been invaluable.

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